Tuesday, June 24, 2008

kumar's quest

I have mentioned before my love for baseball, and one of my dreams has been to go on a summer road trip and visit every Major League Ballpark in the country.

I found this website that is all about doing this and is interactive so people can add their photos of themselves at the parks, blog about their trip and add tips for the best food, seats, etc about each park.

This is really making me think. Once Kumar is 3 or 4, he will totally be able to get into this too, and we can begin our quest. While we won't be able to do it all at once, (unless we hit the lottery, in which case I should probably start playing) I would say 2 trips a year to a different park, as well as combining any regular trip with a ballpark visit, and we should be able to get Kumar into every Major League Park by the time he's in high school.
We have to teach him the important things in life after all, and if he's going to be a Major League Switch Pitcher, total immersion is the way to go. Or something.

Later, I'll talk about the plan to rubber band a baseball to his left hand while he's still in the crib so he can begin to get the feel of it. And yes I am still convinced Kumar is a boy. If he's a girl that only likes frilly dresses and all things pink, we may need to rethink things.
Cross that bridge when we get to it... blah blah blah....
Humor me.

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