Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i heart ny

Since I moved to Miami 4 years ago, I have gone back to NY at least twice a year, either for work or to see my family and friends, or preferably, both.
While Miami now feels like home, I still miss NY at times, and it's always nice to go back for a visit. After a couple of days though, I always want to be home. While Miami has craziness in its own way, in NY you are thrown into peoples lives in a much more personal way. Riding the subway, walking on the street, people are right next to you and usually not afraid to share their craziness.
This trip was no different.

*The strangeness began early, when on the plane, a well dressed man passed by my seat and I noticed he was walking around barefoot. And then he went into the bathroom. Of the plane. Barefoot.

*On the subway, a nicely dressed woman with her kid and and her well-manicured nails have stickers on her middle fingers that says "Queen".

*The human karaoke. A guy walking down 9th Ave. Sunday, brunch time with a box on his back that plays music and a microphone into which he is sing/screaming.

*A guy in a fancy-schmancy men's clothing store having an honest-to-goodness debate over the merits of laundering vs. dry cleaning dress shirts. The most memorable part was: " OK, let me get this straight, you are sanctioning using the machine and hanging to dry?" Like the shop owner was sharing a state secret.

*Guy walking down 42nd St wearing a shirt that says "Mo Money- Mo Bi*$^#es". It's nice to see he has priorities.

*Dude in a skirt. Walking his dog and carrying a purse. In SoHo on Sunday, Oh yes.

The best part of the whole trip was getting to see my friends and I will really miss the girls at Missoni so much. At least the clothes were memorable:

**Joy and the amazing green-bean jumpsuit.

**Corie and the most incredible jumpsuit ever conceived. It even inspired a song - written by Corie herself. Maybe she will email me the words. It was genius.

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