Sunday, June 1, 2008


Hi there. Yes, I am still alive and still in NY. Things have just been very very busy and I have been very very tired but happy nonetheless.

Today I was able to sleep in because it's my one day off during this trip, however Kumar has been having other ideas. I have woken up every morning I've been here between 5-6AM starving and unable to go back to sleep until I eat something and it's making me wonder; is it too early to give my child a time-out? To ground him? How about just a stern talking to? Because I'm as tired as I can be, yet the hunger overcomes all other needs at all times, and it makes no difference to him that the sun is barely up and I have to wake up at 7 can't-you-just-wait-2-more-hours-please?!?!?!?!?

So, I woke up at 5:15 this morning and then went back to sleep until 7 when my alarm went off (forgot to turn it off) and then around 8:30, I finally gave up and got up for good.

Today I had to address the problem that some of the clothes I brought with me on this trip are just not fitting properly, especially pants but even some shirts, so I had to go do some clothes shopping this afternoon. The problem is, anything that looks decent now is going to be way too small in a couple of months but anything I buy with room to grow looks kind of silly now.
So, I had a hard time and ended up getting a cute dress that will be too small in a couple months (but I love it and will wear it later) and a pair of comfy linen cargo-type pants that are a size 8(!!) that fit well if I let them fall on the hips and I guarantee I will be living in in a few months.

I wanted to get more and maybe I will this week but shopping has never been so hard before. This is just such a weird time because I don't really look pregnant, just like I've been having way too many burgers.

There are worse problems I could have.

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