Wednesday, April 23, 2008

things shouted at me today...

Drunk Guy:

Yo! You taking pictures for HBO? What you taking these pictures for? Is it HBO?

(When told no-we are not from HBO)

Oh-Cuz I thought it was HBO.

(Yessir you've made that crystal clear. I'm not sure what your obsession with HBO is, but I'm sure if you ask every. single. time. you see a crew taking pictures, you may one day come across an HBO photo shoot)

Drunk Girl (who may or may not be Drunk Guy's Girlfriend):

Hey- How much you get paid for that???

(???????????????? How do you answer this? I just shrugged and kept walking. A little bit faster)

At least nobody came up to me in the middle of shooting and put his arm around me and asked if he can get his picture taken too. Because that one is so original and fun for everyone involved.

Baby steps....

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