Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Since we moved to Miami, Chris and I have taken a vacation in August, and we try to do it somewhere less hot than here.
(Except for 2005 when we got married on St Lucia , which is somehow hotter than Miami but it's a dry heat. So instead of a steamroom, you're in a sauna.)

Last year, we went to California, where we visited a friend in L.A. (HI!) then drove to Santa Barbara, St Luis Obispo, and ended up in San Francisco. It was one of the most relaxing and beautiful vacations I have taken, and it made Chris and I both fall in love with the state.

The morning we woke up in Santa Barbara, I insisted on bringing Chris to the botanical garden to go hiking. I had been there 2 years earlier by myself and I couldn't wait to show Chris how great it is. There are trails that loop up in the hills surrounding the garden and there are redwoods and CA wildflowers and the whole place smells like eucalyptus and sage. I really could have just set up a tent right there and lived very happily til the end of my days, but Chris insisted that there are places just as beautiful that we could live in that actually have indoor plumbing so I gave in and instead dragged him to the gift shop.

Besides the most amazing lotion in the form of a bar of soap (really- you should try it. No spills in the pocketbook) I bought a stack of small cards that have CA wildflower seeds imbedded in them. You're supposed to plant the paper in some soil and up sprout some flowers.

I mailed one card to each of my sisters and my to my parents and planted my own sometime in December (once the really hot heat of Miami finally wore off)

Weeks later, some weed-y looking things came up and I have been alternately watering it and ignoring it for the last 3 months or so, assuming Miami is not Santa Barbara, and I guess these flowers just aren't gonna work here.
Until yesterday-


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