Monday, March 9, 2015


I have been horrible about posting lately and I'm really sorry. Life is pretty crazy here most of the time and last weekend Jack got a virus with runny nose and cough (and if you know Jack, you know he hates blowing his nose more than pretty much anything so it's like WWIII over here trying to get him to just blow it!) Then I got it and I was happy to blow my nose because it was one of those viruses that feel like there's 1,000,000,000 bees buzzing inside your nose at all times and a cough and general malaise. Now poor sweet Juni has the cough and a low fever this morning so we are just laying low here at home hoping it doesn't warrant a trip to the doctor. Here's some pics to distract you from this lame post about sicness:
This was Friday, I got Juni dressed up for her friend Stella's first birthday party. As Chris says, she was the belle of the ball <3 nbsp="" p="">
This is to show she doesn't always look like the belle of the ball but that's our Juni! She makes this face when her nose is stuffy, It is accompanied by a snort usually. 
This is a flyer for a place here in Miami called the nest. They are an "emotional wellness center" and help parents and kids with different things. They asked me ages ago if they could use this picture someone took of Jack at an event they had and I just saw it in a store the other day and grabbed one. He as so cute and little! 
Hi there! 
My Junebug is a cartoon! 

At the birthday party on Friday, Jack and his friend Dylan decided to play swordfight with some sticks. Jack lost, but at least he didn't lose is eye which is what I was sure happened when he came walking into the house crying and holding his eye, and Dylan following behind him with a giant stick in his hand. Amazingly he didn't even bruise or swell. The kid has incredible healing powers. 

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Oh my goodness!!! So much going on -
Mama, Jack and Juni sick, Jack accidentally gets hit in the eye during a stick "fight," but happily there is a party and Juni gets all dressed up! I love the cartoon picture of Juni in pigtails. I love all the pictures and cannot wait for what's to come.


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