Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5 months

Dear Junebug, Today you are 5 months old! In a way it feels like you were born yesterday and in a way it feels like you have been in our family forever. You have fit into the family perfectly, rarely complaining when we have to wake you from a nap to pick up your brother or bring him to an activity. You still don't love the car but we are hoping you will start to get more used to it soon. It's easier when Jack is in the car because he is a constant source of entertainment for you. There is seriously nobody you love more than him and you light up whenever he is in your line of sight. He is still the only person who can make you belly laugh just by singing a song and doing a little dance. Your other favorite things to do are roll around on your belly, scoot backwards with your feet, screech as loud as possible, eat your toes, go for walks and people watch, and sit up not lay down. Lately when I lay you on your back you protest by holding your legs and head up and grunting until I pull you up to a sit. Your will is still a bit stronger than your body's ability and you want so badly to sit up and crawl and do all the things you see us doing. Soon enough you will baby girl, slow down! (I'm afraid I'll be saying this to you your whole life) Of course I wish you would sleep more but there are really no other complaints about you, my Junebug. I love you with all my heart and I am so happy to be your mama Love, Mama

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Juni you are growing up so fast and from what Mama says you are always on the move! I love the pictures I get to see, especially the ones with your big brother. Both of you look so happy together always.

I hope to see you when you are six months!

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