Monday, February 22, 2010

in action

Since I still can't figure out the video camera, I thought I would post some action pictures instead. This kid is walking almost all the time now and it is both fun an painful. He has had a few decent spills involving faceplants and bumps/bruises/teeth through lips and tears. He's a trooper though and really doesn't let it stop him very long. Now if only I could take them as well as he does. I want to cover him in bubblewrap and be done with it.

Saturday morning we went to the park and Chris brought Chewy to the dogrun and I took Jack to the playground. After a little whie, Chris and Chewy walked over to join us and Jack went to meet them:

Coming home, Jack now insists on walking through the lobby so it takes a little more time to get home than it used to. First he has to check out his favorite art piece:

Then, we check if there is any mail:

Finally, one last dash to the mailroom, just to be safe (and to make sure Mama's paying attention)

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jspuches said...

Jack, you're a toddler now, not a baby anymore!!! It is thrilling to see you walking all over the place, checking everything out. I especially love the picture of you running to your Papa and your pal,Chewy. Love you, big boy!


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