Wednesday, August 5, 2009

7 months!

Dear Jack,

A few days ago, you turned 7 months old!

So many things happened this month, I needed a few days to be able to sit down and write properly about it all. You have become more and more mobile as the days go on and I believe you are minutes away from crawling.

You now sit up for over a minute when I put you down and even though you have not put yourself into the sitting position, I think it is only because you have not felt the need to yet because who wants to sit when you can go go go go GO!? And go you do.

Even in your crib when you are sleeping, every time I look at the monitor you are in a new location, a new position, always on your tummy now, and sometimes with your little bum waving in the air

And speaking of moving, we moved this past weekend and it went so much better than I had feared. You were an absolute champion the actual day of the move, spending most of the day in the Moby wrap, even nursing in it while mama finished some last minute packing and even though you didn't eat solid food until dinner time and only napped less than an hour the whole day, you went to bed right on time and only woke up once that night. Your Aunt Cathy came to help us with the move and you really charmed her and made her want to put you in her pocket and take her home. Maybe because you gave her some of this:

because nobody can resist the charm of Clown Baby.

or Jazz Hands.

You have really taken to eating solid food this month and now you have 3 solid meals a day and really love everything I give you. You sit in your highchair and wait for me to get things ready while chewing on your new favorite toy:
the avocado masher. This thing is so heavy and large, yet you love chewing on it before a meal and totally freak out when I try to take it away so it is now all yours. I figure if anything,it will help to build up your arm muscles.

You are really beginning to show me what kind of person you are going to be and I think I can safely say that you are going to be a stand-up comedian and a rocket scientist. You love to laugh and do funny things to make us laugh, but you also have a seious side that wants to know how things work, you are not content with seeing a toy the way it is supppsed to be but rather want to immediately take it apart and, I assume, see how it works. Maybe you will be an engineer like your Pop Pop and do stand-up on the weekends.

You are especially fond of the rough stuff. Your favorite thing is when your daddy hangs you upside down by your ankles and "shakes you down". You laugh hysterically no matter how many times he does it. You also love it when I put you on my lap and do the Pony Ride, especially at the end when I jostle you like crazy and then toss you into the air over and over and over.

You are already practicing for your high school wrestling career. With all of this practice, you will be a State Champion because you will NEVER. BE. PINNED. You fight with every single one of your 14 pounds to keep your shoulders off the changing table and I have to use all of my wits to keep you from squirming off the table and onto the floor so I have resorted to changing your clothes while you sit on my lap or on the floor because I kind of like your face right where it is and you need your brains to be a rocket scientist/brain surgeon/engineer/stand-up comedian.

Love, Mama


tjarmstrong said...

Dear Jack,

This is your Uncle Tim. As a duly appointed member of the male gender, we (all men) would like to have a word with you about those leg warmers....LEG WARMERS? LEG WARMERS ARE FOR GIRLS AND BALLET DANCERS !!! GOT IT !! Tell Mommy that you want a nice pair of baseball pants or some camouflage S.W.A.T. Tactile pants to bop around in. LOOSE THE LEG WARMERS...

howie said...

after the crawling stage comes the walking and running stages which are not separated. ha!! get in shape, again. he-he.
Uncle Tim those are rug and floor burn protection.

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