Friday, July 10, 2009

fingers crossed

With any luck, tomorrow Chewy will finally (FINALLY!) be getting his stitches out and we will all be so incredibly happy! When I tell you this cone is driving us all bonkers, you have no idea. Since early April this poor dog has had 2 (3?) drains in his ear, assorted bandages, gone through 3 cones, and has not been to the park once.
I know I promised a few weeks ago real pictures of what it is they finally did to hopefully end this once and for all, so for those of you with weak stomaches, you might want to turn away now.....

THis is the inside of the ear. They cut out a patch on the skin to create scar tissue. This will hopefully make a barrier against the blood pooling up in the area again.
And on the outside of the ear, this is actualy x-ray film stitched to his ear flap in order to stabilize the area....I do not fully understand this theory but it does make some sort of sense when explained to me and honestly, does anoyone have any better ideas? This vet says he invented this way of doing it and it has been successful so...hopefully....Chewy will be Chewy again soon.

Cuz I miss this crazy happy guy

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