Thursday, May 14, 2009

action jack(son)

Jack has been on the move lately. He has started scooting around on his back like a maniac. Yesterday I left him in the boppy on the bed when I went to feed chewy and when I came back in I found this:

He was perfectly happy and just hanging out..on his head.
Also, he spins all the way around his mat now and yesterday he ended up like this:

I'm convinced he will be crawling on his back like a crab within weeks. We are in a lot of trouble.


jspuches said...

Yay! Chewy! You've got your own day! What a good idea your Mama had!
Congratulations to my favorite grand dog. You are a good big brother and you deserve a day. You must be so pleased.


Trishia said...

awwwwwww a chewy Day !!!! It is soooo cute the pics of you sharin your toys w/ ur brother. Like your Gramma said you are a good dog and deserve your OWN day too !!! and as for Action..JACK..son...Now you my lil nephew are really a you prescious baby boy.

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