Thursday, April 2, 2009

three months

Dear Jack,

Today you are three months old.
This month you have shown the silly side of your personality and you will laugh and giggle every chance you get. You are the happiest in the mornings when I wake up to hear you jabbering away and as soon as I stick my face in your bassinette, I can see your smile beam back at me and no matter how tired I am, I have to smile back.

You have started to become more independent and will lay on your activity mat or sit in your bouncy seat and talk to the animals that are over your head and squeal and kick your feet. Other times, you just want to be held and we walk around the house and I sing you songs and we dance a little. Sometimes you get very serious and I can see you trying to learn new things. In the morning when it is still cool, you like me to stand with you on the balcony so you can watch the people and cars and bicycles and dogs go by, and I tell you what everything is and you seem to really be taking it all in.

One of your favorite things to do is when I sit you down in front of me and I point to your nose and say "Jack's nose" then I point to my nose and say "Momma's nose" and so on, til everything on both our faces have been accounted for and this never fails to crack you up.

You are a joy to be around and there are still days that I look at you lying in my arms and cry because I can't believe that I am lucky enough to have you as my son.

Love, Your Mama

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jspuches said...

Dearest Jack,

Happy, happy birthday! Aren't you lucky to be living with parents who make you so happy you cannot stop laughing, smiling, giggling with joy. You are a happy baby and I am a very happy grandma.

Love and Kisses and Hugs,

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