Monday, April 6, 2009

ear ye! ear ye!

So I was all excited to talk about happy things, like how Chewy got a (soooo very needed) haircut and looks adorable. And how Jack likes to sometimes wear his bib like a cape.

Unfortunately, Saturday night, I went to admire Chewy's new haircut up close and when I went to pet his new soft and freshly shaved ears, I felt a bubble. Like someone inserted a balloon into Chewy's ear flap and blew it up. We took him to the vet Sunday morning and and a small SURGERY (and about a zillion dollars) later, here he is:

Apparently, when he was at the groomer, he was shaking his head so much that it caused a hematoma in his ear flap, meaning he burst a blood vessel and it pooled into his ear flap and had to be lanced and drained. (two words I really hope I never have to say again)

He seems to be feeling OK this morning and still wants to run around and chase balls like usual but they had to put a drain into the ear flap and that needs to remain for 2 whole weeks, which in Chewy's world is like 5 years and I don't know how I'm going to keep a cone on his head for that long without him going bonkers and don't even get me started on the banging of the cone into every inch of the house (including the backs of our legs).

Besides the stupid drain, we have to give him ear drops and pills and clean the ear with a solution twice a day and OY VEY. I can't even believe it.
But, he's still cute with his haircut and hopefully once this thing is over, we can have some non-cone pictures and we will not be too bruised by the stupid cone and it will be over and done with, AMEN!


jspuches said...

Yikes! Poor Chewy - and poor you! First of all how terrible that Chewy has to deal with this (aren't groomers used to dogs moving around a lot???) second of all that you have to deal with this and third of all, I can just imagine how expensive this was because I have heard stories....!
I am so sorry.

But Chewy does look so so cute.

jspuches said...

By the way, Jack wearing his bib like a cape is hysterical. His daddy used to love capes, especially Superman, although he was much older!

Brad said...

does he get HBO with that thing?

bukirama said...

Unfortunately, he only picks up Korean satellite radio

elventryst said...

Poor Chewy, but he does look awfully cute with that cone on his head.

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