Monday, March 2, 2009

two months

Dear Jack,

Today you are two months old. This month there have been so many changes in you, it is like you are a completely different baby from the one we brought home from the hospital. You have started genuinely smiling this month, and every time you look at me with that incredible gummy grin, I fall more and more in love with you. Your personality has gone from that of a grumpy old man to a chortling, contented little bundle of happiness.

This week, I bought you some books with pictures of animals in them and you study the sheep and dogs and cows in amazement. Your absolute favorite thing though, is a box that sits over your head on the activity mat that lights up and plays music and when I turn this thing on, you stare and giggle and coo and wiggle your entire body with joy. It's amazing to see how much you really love it, and I wish that everyone had something in their life that makes them as full-body-happy as this toy makes you.

You have also done a lot of growing this month, packing on almost 3 pounds and 2 inches in length. Some days I will go to pick you up after a nap and I swear I can feel the weight you have gained since I put you down. I had to pack up all of your newborn-size clothes and it made me a little sad that you will never be that small again but every day you grow and discover new things, and I discover new things about you, and together we will figure it all out.

Love, Your Mama

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jspuches said...

Dear Jack,

Happy two month birthday, my precious grandchild. I cannot wait to see you again to see you smile in person and to kiss those chubby feet.

I love you so much,

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