Monday, February 23, 2009

what i did this weekend - by jack

Saturday morning, we took a ride in the car.

We went to my daddy's office where I helped him out with some very important legal business.

I can't read yet, so I'm not sure what Daddy had me sign but he said I can trust him.

Once that was done, we went home and read some books. That was my favorite part!

Then Mommy gave me a bath and I went to bed.

Since she's stil sick, I decided to let mommy sleep a lot so I slept for 8 hours on Sunday night! I know that made mommy very happy!
Yay Me!

1 comment:

elventryst said...

This is so cute! Did Chris post this? Christina, looks like you have some competition on your blog! I miss you having a public blog-- you don't show up in my Google blog reader anymore when you post. Feel better soon!! (Your replacement is doing an excellent job!)

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