Friday, February 27, 2009

good times

Now that Jack and I are both well again, the last few days have been spent attempting to implement a routine of sorts, including some more daytime napping and a bath/big feed/sleeping-for-8-hours-kinda-thing at night.

Since Jack was about 2 weeks, when I realized that he was not doing very well with any kind of structure and just needed to be a needy-clingy-whiny-baby for a while (and found some very smart people to tell me there is nothing wrong with this and I should stop beating myself up about it) we have really been letting Jack set the pace and he has actually done a god job of setting up a pattern that we can easily turn into a routine.

We have been using the Attachment Parenting approach with Jack and it feels really comfortable and I'm so glad that Dr. Sears' Baby Book was one of the books I picked up the week before I had Jack because without it, I am not sure that I would have known how to respond to his rather difficult behavior those first few days and he might not have become the dream baby that he is now. I mean, he rarely wakes up once we put him down for the night until he is really hungry, and this week that has meant a 7-8 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep. At 2 months, I would say that is a beautiful thing.
There are also very few times during the day that he is fussy or crying and I can't quickly figure out why, rectify it, and return him to his normal happy self. I am beginning to feel like we are a team and we really work well together. My job is to keep him safe and dry and happy and his job is to give me lots of this:

Finally, tomorrow is Jack's 2 month checkup and I thought we could have a little competition.

Who wants to guess my weight?** Please leave your guess in the comments and the person who is closest (without going over) gets a prize!!

**It might help to know that at birth he was 6 lb. 14oz. and at 1 month he was 7lb. 1/2oz. And that he has eaten like a lumberjack the last week.


howie said...

jack weighs in at 8 lb. 0 oz

howie said...

jack weighs 10 lb. 1 oz.

jspuches said...

I am not copying Howie, I truly think he looks like 10 pounds.

Christopher said...

42 lbs.

Jennifer said...

cathy says 8.1

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