Tuesday, February 17, 2009

and away we go

I hope everyone had a wonderful and romantic Valentine's day! Chris started getting a cold on Friday and spent the entire weekend in the guest room, trying to stay away from Jack and I, so Jack was my Valentine. Not a bad substitute if you ask me, but luckily Chris is starting to feel a little better today and so far Jack and I are still healthy and will hopefully stay that way, knockonwood.

Chris was sweet enough to still go out in his sickness and get me the prettiest flowers (seen above) and a sweet card so I have to say (once again) that I have the sweetest husband ever.
In other news, I went to the doctor yesterday and got a clean bill of health and we took a picture with Jack and the other doctor in the practice.

I actually liked this doctor so much more than the other during my whole pregnancy, going so far as calling him "the nice one", not that the other isn't nice, this one is just so extraordinarily nice that nobody else could seem as nice in comparison. Something happened though, when the "less nice one" delivered Jack and I actually started liking him more. Weird.
Anyway, I'm glad I got to see them both yesterday since I am not going back there for a whole year now (unless I get pregnant again before that haha hoho hehe) and that is kind of weird because I feel like I've been practically living there for the last 10 months. The nurses were so nice and said I should come by whenever I bring Jack to the pediatrician since the office is right upstairs and I just might do that. I feel lucky that I found a practice I really like, to go through this whole experience with.
They were also going on and on about how adorable Jack is. They see a lot of babies and they said that he was the cutest they have seen in a long time.
I may be his mama but I have to agree with them. He's pretty darn cute.

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