Monday, December 29, 2008


I finally finished putting things away and putzing around the nursery. The crib and the bassinet are both made up (pad, sheet, pad, sheet, pad sheet on both. I read somewhere that this is helpful for those nighttime wet sheet incidents so you can just take a layer off and have another sheet underneath instead of having to make up the crib in the middle of the night.)

The room looks really great and I will share some pictures later in the week.

We are having the carseats inspected this week at the local firehouse. I made appointments today for tomorrow and Friday, since I have to bring both cars to be inspected and since Chris has to go to work and I can only drive one car at a time, we have to do it at two seperate times. Luckily they are nice enough to work around us and around the holiday as well. This is some serious last minute business.

This weekend, Chris got a taste of what I have been dealing with while out in public the last couple of weeks. Seems like my belly has achieved such a great size that people cannot help but do a double take, stop and stare outewardly, or (my favorite) give me the sideways-eye-stare as they walk past me. (slick, very slick. I hardly even noticed.) Like I said before, I really can't blame people for staring and it's a heck of a lot better than those who insist on asking stupid questions or making comments but I really can't wait for Kumar to be the center of attention and not me.

Also, there is this:

When does it end I ask you???

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