Tuesday, November 25, 2008

nursery tales

After months of research (and a tiny bit of procrastination) we were all ready to order the nursery furniture this weekend and....it did not go well. I will just say that the furniture we tried to order on Sunday was not ordered due to circumstances outside of our control and our Plan B furniture has been discontinued (I find out today) so I am now in a mad scramble to find something that we like that we can also get in the next week or two.

We really liked the modern look of both the Plan A and Plan B furniture and the fact that they were relatively inexpensive was an added attraction because most of the time the modern cribs are the most expensive for some reason. I am doing extensive research today to find something that Chris and I both like.I have no real plan except just hoping that something will jump out at me that we can either pick up ourselves or is ready to ship because (big surprise!) furniture can take weeks and months to be delivered and also comes with very high delivery charges - sometimes almost as much as the furniture price itself. Bleh!

In other news, Chewy has been acting extremely aloof these days, even for him, the world's most aloof dog. In some ways I think it is good because he will not be able to get as much attention once the baby comes so it's better he get used to it early, but it also makes me sad because he is always sleeping in another room and literally walks away from me when I try to lay down and cuddle with him and this behavior is really beginning to border on just plain rude.
I guess he knows something is going on, with all the furniture being moved around and new things being brought into the house but I wonder if this is really going to help him adjust or if he is still going to be in a big shock some 4-6 weeks from now.
4-6 weeks? I remember when I felt like this time would never come and here we are now, at the final countdown. I guess this is going to be a shock to all of us, no matter how prepared we think we are.

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