Monday, November 10, 2008

life lessons

I just got back from court because we didn't get Chewy's rabies shot updated before it expired. I never knew that it expired after one year and when I brought him to the vet in March for something else, they informed me that it was expired so I got his shot that day and thought that was that. It wasn't. I went to court this morning to plead my case but, as anyone who has ever studied law at all knows, ignorance of the law is no excuse and the fine was imposed. What really makes me mad is that the guy from the County said that we were sent a notice in January that it had expired and they were allowing us 30 days amnesty and I chose to ignore that, but I NEVER got this notice and it makes me mad that he said they did something that they did not do. But, I tried my best and they did offer us a payment plan, so Chewy is now going to have to figure out a way to work off his $10 a month for the next 19 months. We will work something out.

On another, even more depressing doggy note, Saturday night was probably the worst night of my life in a very long time. We were woken up at 2 in the morning by a woman screaming hysterically and I may never forget what we saw outside. One of our neighbors was walking her dog (who, by the way, I have never seen on a leash)and the dog ran into the street and was run over by a cab. I will not go into details but the hour that ensued is forever burned into my memory and I was not able to sleep for more than an hour or 2 at a time after that until last night when I finally slept, probably only because I was so exhausted at that point my body just shut down.

I beg everyone reading this who has a dog, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put him on a leash and do not ever let him run free. It is the nicest thing you can do for your dog. Letting a dog walk without a leash is like letting a 2 year old go outside and play on his own. You can tell him 100 times not to go into the street but they do not fully understand that and it is only your fault if something happens to him. That poor girl Saturday night had to learn this the hardest way possible and I cannot imagine having to go through what she went through. And I pray I never have to. I could not hug and kiss Chewy enough since and will do everything I can to protect him. (Including giving him ALL his shots on time from now on)

And here he is in action:

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