Tuesday, November 18, 2008

busy little bees

This was a very big weekend at our house.

Chris woke up bright and early on Saturday and started painting the nursery!

Chewy really hates any sort of change and just took a lot of naps in the hopes he would wake to find it was all a bad dream.

Saturday afternoon, we had lunch with a friend who was in town.

Then we had dinner at Rosa Mexicana (yum) that had this on the wall right next to our table.
(I know it's really dark and hard to see but it was a wall full of men diving off a wall of water. Very cool.)

Sunday morning, we went to Home Depot to pick up more paint, and I came across this rug:

(I find this extremely disturbing and strange. No offense to anyone reading this who may actually own this and/or wishes to go purchase it upon seeing it.)

After he finished painting (at what may or may not have been 9:00 on Sunday night) I informed Chris that we absolutely had to switch the beds of the guest room and our room. He very kindly complied by taking apart the guest bed while I watched.

Chewy was really not enjoying this part. The guestroom bed is Chewy's favorite place in the whole world. And in his mind, we were DESTROYING IT! OH NOES!!

Last night (after much measuring and discussing) we decided to leave the beds in their respective rooms and just move the guestroom bed to the other side of the room to make room for the Crib! and Dresser! that have yet to be ordered but will be ordered Very Soon! So for now, one side of the room looks like a normal guestroom

And the other side looks like bit of a mess still but it is a work in progress.

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