Tuesday, September 23, 2008

pop goes the weasel 'cuz the weasel goes pop

I cannot even begin to share what a real pain in the behind yesterday was. Almost immediately after I finished my post, the internet went out and so I went into the guestroom/office/future baby room to mess with the router and as I was half-squatted, half-lying on the floor, i felt a definite "pop" in my left hip/pelvis area. It didn't hurt right away but it definitely felt funny and I knew something had gone very wrong. Within an hour (as I was in Publix buying Oxy-Clean laundry stain remover) I was feeling serious pain and could not walk without limping. As the day wore on, it got worse and worse. I had gone done messed myself up but good.

I have been thinking about going to the chiropractor ever since I got pregnant and had read about the benefits as one gets bigger (and let's face it, heavier) and as a pregnant woman releases hormones that cause your joints to loosen in preparation for child birth. A chiropractor can help keep all your bits n pieces in line and helps prevent back pain and things like this happening. I had already looked up some chiropractors on my insurance company's website and found a few in the area that took my insurance (they cover 12 visits a year) so I called one of them yesterday and made an appointment for first thing this morning.

The pain was so bad all night, even when I was sleeping I remember rolling over and having such pain in my hip that I was sure I would not be able to walk today, but (of course) I woke up this morning and....felt great. I don't know if it was the Tylenol I took right before bed or the little massage that Chris gave me (even though it hurt so bad while he was doing it, I had to make him stop) but there was zero pain this morning as I went to his office. I think it went really well though and he talked to me for a long time about what he could do to help me the next few months and then iced my lower back and hips, gave me a little massage (not a spa-like massage but a more painful but effective one) and then CCCCCRRRRRRRAAAAACK!

I was a little concerned about the cracking part but it was so fast and smooth that I really didn't even notice til it was over and I felt really good after.

Until about 10 minutes ago when I was doing my Yoga DVD and bent down to pick up the blanket and *POP!!!!* Did it all over again. Hopefully it won't hurt as bad. I am icing it presently and will take some more Tylenol and rest. At least I am going back to the chiropractor in the morning and hopefully it will keep me loose enough that I can do this again and not have too much pain with it. We will see.

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