Tuesday, September 16, 2008

good news

This last week has been quite exciting! First, I made a decision early last week to leave my Miami agency and go to a new one where I know I will work much more. Sounds easy enough right? Not really. See, there was the small detail of a contract, a contract that has been self-renewing since 1997 and just renewed this past May for 2 more years. I refused to let that small detail stop me though, so long story short, I had a meeting with the second-in-charge last week and today he finally sent me a letter that they are releasing me from my contract. I had to sort-of-kind-of fudge the truth when he asked me what my plans were but the truth is that they really do not have many clients for me to work for in my pregnant state and I know that this other agency does so I had to do what I could to get it done.

Also, I know that once I have the baby I will still work as much, if not more than I did before because my old booker of over 10 years is now at the new agency and she totally kicks ass! She has always been so good to me and always fought for me when she needed to and I trust her more than anyone in the business. (Ha! Spell check just suggested that I use the word "booger" instead of "booker". She will really appreciate that but I'll stick with booker.) Just to make me feel that much better about my decision, before i even got the e-mail to her that my contract was released, she called me to say that they booked me for a job in November for a pregnancy magazine. And they have a few more things lined up between now and then.

So, that turned out well.

Just to keep things interesting, one night last week, I noticed that a mole that I got a few months ago (and had been ignoring) wasn't a normal mole but rather was scabby and had actually scratched off a little bit. I know from my father's history with skin cancer that the scabby moles tend to be something to worry about so I went to the dermatologist and she took it off and stitched me up and told me to come back in a week to get the biopsy results. (words nobody likes to hear) Luckily, the Dr. didn't make me wait a whole week and called me today to tell me that it was completely benign and nothing to worry about at all. I get the stitches out on Thursday and that will be that. And let me tell you, this was a MUCH better experience than the
last time I got stitches. The initial shot of lanocaine was no picnic but after that I really felt nothing and it was all over and topped off with a single band aid in 10 minutes. Success!
Tomorrow I am going to my Shiny New Agency to get some digital pictures taken to send out to clients and have lunch with my booker (still not booger) and hopefully I will get to working soon!!

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