Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hello? hello? oh hi!

This was a very full week for me, so you will excuse the lack of posting the last few days. Morgan went back to NJ yesterday afternoon and luckily her flight took off just before the whole FAA Glitch Thing, so she actually got home on time.
I am posting a bunch of pictures of our week on flickr so click on over there for some of those.

We really got a lot accomplished in the time she was here, though I think we did slightly less than last year because I really am not tolerating the heat of summer as well, being almost 6 months pregnant and all, things swell that shouldn't and the heat and humidity just seem to suck all of my energy pretty quickly.
Despite this, we went to the Seaquarium, the Science Museum, Boomers! (a giant arcade/batting cages/go-karts/general-fun things for kids of all ages) the Monkey Jungle, the beach and even did a little shopping on Lincoln Road.
Not bad for 7 days.

Also, today marks the beginning of my 22nd week of pregnancy and holy beach balls batman!the belly is just getting bigger and bigger. I took some pictures a couple of days ago and I am sure it's even bigger than last week. This is the point where almost everyone I see who hasn't already said anything, is like, "Whoa, you're pregnant aren't you?" And I'm like, "Yeah, I am. You thought I was just letting myself go these last few months." and they look embarrassed and say, "No, you look great, I can barely even tell." and I say, "Whatever. Liar."
I really am trying to embrace the changes my body is going through and all the weight I have put on (still (barely) under 20 pounds) and it's all worth it when every night,I lay on the couch and I can feel the little guy moving around and 3 times now I have felt him kick me from the outside. Unfortunately, Chris has still not been able to feel it but that will change very soon and he will be big and strong enough to really give me some karate kicks and I both can't wait and am terrified of it.

But isn't that what being a mom is all about?

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