Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i'm fine, me too, we're fine and how are you?

Well, I'm back. And I could not have been lazier about posting if I tried, which I didn't. ( try, that is)
But I did have a relaxing, energizing, exciting and beautiful trip and that's all that really matters.
I did attempt a post on Sunday night, apologizing for being so lame all week and promising a BIG UPDATE SOON!!!! but something happened when I hit publish and it was eaten by the cosmos so even that small attempt was foiled.

I am back now and finally got a montage of photos put together so I will leave you with that and a promise of an honest-to-godness real post tomorrow and stories of our travels including a REAL! GENUINE! DRIVE-IN MOVIE!!!!

In the meantime, please to enjoy: The best of LA, SLO, and SB!

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