Friday, July 18, 2008

lost and found

I am watching the movie God Grew Tired of Us, about the Lost Boys of Sudan who were relocated to places in the United States after years of walking through the Sudan to Kenya, then living in a refugee camp in Kenya, for up to 10 years.

The sense of humor that these boys bring with them in learning about life in the U.S. after living in mud huts and cooking on the ground is incredible. Just learning how to turn on a light switch and what a potato chip is and how to dispose of garbage is an adventure.

"We do not throw waste out he window. We put it in here." (Pointing to the garbage can)
Their U.S. hosts have to give them instructions on everything:

How to use a toilet and toilet paper.

The fact that they have an entire bed to themselves.

Going to a grocery store for the first time. When in the Sudan, these boys ate mud for weeks at a time because there was no water to drink. To walk into a grocery store where there are thousands of different kinds of food, most of which they have never even seen or heard of is overwhelming.
Pointing to a doughnut, one of the boys asks,"Is this a food?" (Oh yes, there are many happy things to learn about here.)

And through all this excitement and awe of the new, they feel guilty for the boys that they left behind and may not be given the same chance of a new life and the memories of what they endured to get there.

I recommend everyone go rent this movie. It is something that everyone needs to see.

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