Saturday, May 3, 2008

quien es mas macho?

Living in Miami, you learn to drive in a very different way than you do in other parts of the country. I once compared driving here to juggling puppies. Puppies that are on fire. And then they poop on you.

One common phenomenon in this town is the Macho Driver(MD). The MD can be male or female, the only important thing is that he/she is infinitely more important than anyone else around them. They drive as close as possible to the person in front of them, and if the person in front of them dares to drive a little slower than they wish, or believe the MD is not turning because their blinker is not on, LOOK OUT!

Below is a perfect example of the MD in action:

These two blocked the intersection for at least 5 minutes screaming and just begging each other to let him show the world how macho he really is.

Then they both got in their cars and drove off.

OK - we get it guys- you both have major testosterone, and huevos the size of a Pomeranian.

Now-go drink a cortadito and shut up. Some of us are trying to take a nap.

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