Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a post about nothing

The heat broke sometime last night. I walked outside this morning and was knocked over by the feeling that it was cooler outside than in my air conditioned house. Sometimes complaining does work. Or something.

I am watching a Lifetime Movie and let me just say, Tony Danza cannot pull off a southern accent.

I decided to take one of the prenatal vitamins that my doctor game me in a sample pack and then layed down to take a nap. (Yes- I am now napping in the afternoon)
I woke up about an hour later and the vitamin burps that have gone on since are just about enough to make me want to die. Not even a sandwich from Subway is enough to cover the taste. It's as if a gerbil crawled into my esophagus while I was sleeping and pooped and then died. In my throat. How long is this going to last I ask you??

A bird almost flew into my head today. Luckily, I have a tiny litle pea head so he was able to maneuver around it, but it really creeped me out.

Did you know that birds are most closely related to dinosaurs than any other animal on the planet? Also, they are reptiles.

Please for you to enjoy:

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