Monday, May 12, 2008

the heat. it is so hot.

For the last few days, if you dare to walk outside, it feels like you are walking into a furnace. Also, just for fun, there has been a crazy wind that is also so hot, it feels like somebody is holding a hairdryer to your face on the hottest hot setting that Conair has ever invented.

I know that people who are not familiar with the heat that is Miami Summer just smile and say "Yes, it is hot, we are all familiar with the heat of summer. Get over it."
To that I say, "You have no idea."
Also, "Jammit"
When I was driving to a casting this morning, the thermometer in my car said 89.
At 10AM.
That did not factor in the humidity.
It is hot.

This incredible heat inspired Chris and I to give Chewy his summer haircut.
Last year I brought Chewy to a Fancy-Shmancy Dog Hair Cutting Salon and when I told Chris how much it cost, his head exploded and he swore he could just do it himself next time, no big deal.

So, yesterday, Chris took Chewy into the bathroom with the clippers and when I went to check on them an hour later, Chris was completely covered in sweat and thousands of tiny pieces of dog hair and Chewy looked like he does when the vet takes his temperature.

After Chris got the big stuff with the buzzer (it's amazing how thick an Airedales coat really is) I took over with my tiny manicure scissors and trimmed around his ears, eyes and nose. I think we did a pretty good job but in the end, it was agreed that we should go back to that Fancy Shmancy Dog Hair Salon and give that guy a hug and tell him he earned every penny.

Much like the heat of Miami Summer, cutting an Airedale ain't for sissys.




tjarmstrong said...

I remember sheering Nicky down during the summer. It was not a pleasant task to say the least. I often thought a gas powered device would work better here!!!

bukirama said...

I have to agree. But he looks so cute now that we can see his face, it is well worth it. And maybe he kind of enjoys it.

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