Thursday, March 10, 2011

week in review

Jack still loves his gym classes

And he's becoming quite a monkey

Speaking of monkeys, he got a new sign for his room. Curious George is his favorite thing in the whole world right now.

And he and his papa like to make capes and "fly" around the house.

And to end, Jack is still the cutest kid on the planet, in case there was any question:

3 comments: said...

I am so impressed by Jack at the gym, especially hanging from the bar. I love the picture of him under all the colored balloons, with only an eye and a knee peeking out!! And I agree loudly that he is the absolute cutest kid on this or any planet!!!!! said...

Jack, I love your new room and your big bed filled with all your "friends." You are a lucky boy and I am sure a happy one. Going to bed is fun now!

howie said...

Was there ever a doubt in you mind. ha!!! grandpa

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