Friday, July 30, 2010

i guess we will laugh about this one day

(First I want to apologise for not posting for so long. After our trip, Jack got a cold and then I got The Mother of all Colds that lasted for a week and made me feel like death and I wanted to do nothing but lay down as much as possible so we are all better now and hopefully back on track after this)

Jack loves birds. I don't know where this love comes from because I absolutely hate them and stay away from them at all costs but Jack loves them. He points out every pigeon he sees when we take walks, every bird on TV needs to get special mention, he loves them all. When we were at my parents a few weeks ago, his favorite thing to do was to stand on a chair on their screened-in porch and wait for the birds to come to the bird feeders. Then he would yell "guh!" and they would all fly away.

We have season passes to a place called Jungle Island where there are all kinds of animals including Tigers, Chimpanzees, Penguins, Kangaroos and a petting zoo where you can feed Llamas and goats and cows and lots and lots of parrots. We haven't gone in a while because it's been so hot but this morning I decided to take Jack to the Jungle to see the birds.

Apparently I was right all along in not trusting birds. I decided to let Jack feed the birds since Chris had let him the last time they went together and he said they were so sweet and Jack loved it. So I put in a quarter, got some food and put some in Jack's hand. About 20 seconds later, Jack was screaming and this bird was attached to his finger. A nice guy helped me walk to the main office (Jack screaming and bleeding on my shirt the whole way) where they were very nice and told me there were no diseases he could get from a bird bite, put some antibiotic ointment and a band aid on his finger and sent us on our way but I still want to bring him to the doctor when he wakes up from his nap to get it looked at.
I know we will go back to the Jungle, hopefully soon because you have to get back on that horse right? But we will be leaving the bird feeding to the professionals. Mama's heart is just not strong enough for any more accidents.


jspuches said...

Like father, like son. This story reminds me of the time Chris fed a hungry pig, and next thing we knew he was screaming, "Pig bite me!" We ran to the main office and they treated it there, reassuring us that he would be o.k. It cut short our day with the animals, for sure.

Poor Jack. Such a sweet story, though.

Christopher said...

as you can see from the picture, there are birds OUT of their cages, which are about a thousand years old and harmless. you feed THOSE birds.

what you don't see is the wild, untamed birds INSIDE their cages. One of those birds were fed and mistook my young son's finger for a fat earthworm.

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