Thursday, August 20, 2009

(rug)rats and dogs

So many things have gone on this week, I can't even believe it.

After weeks of kneeling and rocking, Jack started really crawling with purpose this weekend and has made it his mission now to get all of Chewy's toys in his mouth before the week is over. He is also completely obsessed with Chewy and chases him everywhere. Everytime Chewy walks in the room, he starts laughing and trying to get to him. I think it's adorable but Chewy is unimpressed. I think he wants to know when this little human thing is going back to where he came from. (we all had our fun, now let's get back to how things were this time last year.)

Poor Chewy has no idea how much worse it is going to get.
Luckily he is so sweet about it all, most of the time he just walks away when Jack gets close and anytime he has seen Jack with one of his toys, he just stands back and waits for me to take it away from him.

Besides the crawling, Jack is pulling up on everything now, first it was just to his knees but that only lasted 2 days or so. He now pulls directly onto his feet and I have a feeling he is minutes away from cruising. And you all saw what happens when I give him a chance to try to walk. I thought I was just going to stand him up next to the little wooden (magical!) cart and hold him there a minute until he got scared and sat down (silly mommy) Instead, he took that as an opportunity to really show off and WALK!

I am still in shock over how fast this is all happening and I know right now he is taking a nap and dreaming up new and improved ways to drive me crazy. It's all so exciting and great but also SCARY! As Chris said the other day, he's a genuine rugrat now. A darn cute little rugrat.

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