Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mobile jack *sniff*

I somehow got the video camera to download onto my computer and I'm so glad because I got this video the other day and could not wait to share it!
Here he had already rolled over twice in a row before I thought to pick up the camera so he took a minute to do it because he was probably tired and saying to himself, "Is this woman ever going to stop making me perform like her little monkey??"

The answer to that is, "No, that is why I went through 9 months of pain and misery to have you. So you could do fun stuff like this":

let it roll baby roll from christina porter on Vimeo.


jspuches said...


Such a strong big boy. I love that you didn't give up. I am so proud of you!!


CB said...

I'm clapping watching this! Woohoo Jack!!!

Trishia said...

That really is absolutely adorable.....i cheered him go Jack....come on come on...LOL I love you ...Aunt Pati

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