Tuesday, May 26, 2009

brick wall, meet head

I've known pretty much since day one that Jack is a bit hard-headed. Despite my hopes, he has not outgrown this, rather it seems to have gotten more intense as he becomes able to do things and move things and make things happen When things do not go his way, he gets a little bit upset. Or something.

The other morning was a great example. I put him in the bouncy seat as usual and I was making breakfast and doing some laundry so I was not paying too much attention to him but I could hear him grunting and yelling out. I looked over at him and he was bracing his feet against the bars on either side of him and pulling with all his might at the seahorse that dangles from it. He was using his whole body to get this darn thing into his mouth and when it would not budge he was yelling indignantly at it.

I would have given anything to have my camera right there but it was in the other room and I was too half-asleep to even think about it until it was too late. I just stood there and laughed at him until my stomach hurt.

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jspuches said...

June 2, 2009

Happy birthday, Jack!! You will be five months old tonight! It was so great seeing you last weekend. You have grown so much since I saw you in March. What a terrific traveler you are! I hope you liked NY and will visit again soon.

You have given us all five months of joy. Have a great birthday.

So much love,

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