Wednesday, April 22, 2009

jack's balloon

When Jack and I came home from the hospital, we were greeted with flowers and balloons. Over the first days and weeks, the flowers died and the balloons deflated and were tucked away (yes, we have saved just about everything. You don't want to know where the stump of Jack's umbilical cord is...) Anyway, some time in February, Chris and I realized that there was one balloon still holding on and over the next days and weeks, Jack started noticing it too and would lay in bed in the morning and stare at it.
We started calling it Jack's Balloon and it was a great way to entertain him for a few extra minutes in the morning.

A couple of days ago, Jack's balloon started to droop down a little bit more and it looks like one of these days we may have to say goodbye to Jack's balloon and tuck it away with the others. I don't know what it is the made this balloon last nearly 4 months but I am beginning to think that we should buy another one to replace it when it does go to the big balloon house in the sky. Because we are all going to miss it, especially Jack.

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