Friday, March 20, 2009


Yesterday, against my better judgement, I drove Jenny to the airport and let her get on a plane back to NJ.

I can't begin to say what a help she was and I honestly didn't realize the extent of it until I thought about her actually not being here anymore and I must admit, I cried after dropping her off. It's not that I don't think I can do this on my own or that Chris is not a huge help when he is at home, it's just that having someone around to help me who is so good with Jack and loves him and he loves back is so nice and it is sometimes overwhelming to be here with him all day everyday on my own. Especially the last couple of days because Jack started running a fever in the middle of the night on Wednesday because of his immunizations so he didn't sleep very well the last 2 nights and so I was a little emotional and... OK I cried for a minute.

But I'm better now and so is Jack but we still miss Jenny and hope she comes back very soon. This morning she texted me that it was SNOWING in NJ so I think she might be back sooner rather than later if she has a choice. And she misses Jack as much as we miss her.

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