Friday, January 16, 2009

fat boy

We went back to the pediatrician yesterday to check on Jack's weight gain and he is now 7lbs .5oz!! He gained back more than his birth weight in 2 weeks so we are all very pleased.

Everything checked out really well and we are going back in 2 weeks for another check and possibly his first immunization, I don't know, I am looking into it.

Behold, Frankenstein:


shanon said...

Savannah got immunizations at her 1month visit.. I would call your pediatrician as ours suggested we bring tylenol to the appointment to give right before the shots as they can often be painful not to mention it can help with the possible low fever following good luck! It will hurt you guys more then him and he wont remember !

shanon said...

He is adorable :)

elventryst said...

Baby Frankenstein is the cutest thing ever!

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