Tuesday, August 5, 2008

slo drive

One of our favorite parts of our trip to CA was spending a long weekend in San Luis Obispo. SLO is one of the cutest little towns ever. It's like stepping back into the past and seems like such a great place to bring up kids. It's a less than 2 hour drive from Santa Barbara and about 3 hours to Los Angeles, but it still has so much charm and just feels safe and kind of old fashioned.

The first day we were there, Chris and I were trying to remember where the Trader Joe's was and as we were wandering around, we found this place:

A genuine Oldie-Time Drive in Movie! Chris and I both remember going to the drive in when we were very very young but who has seen one for at least 20 years?

On Saturday night, we set out for Ye Olde Drive-In and saw The Dark Knight. The movie was very good but the experience was that best part of it. Sitting in the car as it was getting dark and seeing this:

The even played vintage cartoons before the main event, because really that's all the kids stay awake long enough to watch anyway, right?
On that note, my favorite part was seeing the kids all bundled up in nests in the back of pickup trucks and, when taking one of my many walks to the Snack Bar/Bathroom and from the darkness hearing:
"Cut it out or you're both getting a spanking!!"
Aaahhhh memories......

I decided to do some reserach and I found this website. It gives a little history of the Drive-In and then it lets you see where there might be one near you! I found one in Ft Lauderdale!

So check out this website and go to the Drive-In! I promise you won't regret it!

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